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Founded in 2002, Uncle Freddy’s Gallery is the creation of Tom Torluemke and Linda Dorman. Named in honor of Torluemke’s deaf and mute Uncle Freddy who lived with Tom and his family. During Tom’s childhood, Tom and Uncle Freddy would spend many of their days together and in order to communicate, they would draw pictures to each other describing what each wanted to do that day. This form of visual communication is what Tom attributes to his lifelong passion and calling.



Uncle Freddy’s Gallery reveals cutting-edge contemporary art. We support the notion that the work of an artist is truly an invention, a creation of a universal language of form, composition, design and technique developed to communicate expressively to the senses of humanity.




Outside Observations & Instinctual Insights: new works by Jim McKern & Jim Walker


• HOMECOMING: Uncle Freddy's Favorite Artists Return to Hammond

• BRAVE NEW WORLD: Julien Colombier, Brian O'Dell & Casey Roberts

• All Chlorophylled Up - landscape watercolors by Tom Torluemke

• Hands On Experience, new watercolors by Lee Heinsen Ligocki

• Deliberately Fantastic & Far Fetched Paintings by Tom Torluemke

• Team Show # 3 - Momentary Silence, Jno Cook, Patti Tobin Davis, Ismael "Ish" Muhammad Nieves, William Quast & Eric Tucker


• Milton Pagan - Paradise Arts

• Breaking the Frame - Graphic Storytelling & Sequential Art Exhibit. Featuring: Douglas Klauba, Kalman Adrosophsky, Andrew Frodge, Jamie Snell, Nate Lovette, Michael Beazley, Jim McKern, Jeremy Dale, Tim Kelly

• Joe Olah - Fear No Art (Gallery 2635 LOCAL)

• Team Show #2 - Nick Black, Bill Boyce, Gordon Ligocki, Shari Pettis, Julianna Thibodeaux & Kendall Warner

• Gordon Ligocki - JOURNAL

• Team Show #1 - Em'rynn Artunian, Marty Garcia, Tom Hagen, Gregg Hertzlieb, Stephen McIntire & Billy Pozzo

• CHUCHO - New paintings and assemblages

• Special Theories of Emergence, new work by Brian O'Dell

• Courtroom Daydreams - Group Show, Holly Joy Ellis, Amanda Lininger, Clinton Mason & Eric Morris


• Evolving Oneness, Lisa Fedich & Patti Tobin Davis

• Willie Kohler & Baltazar Castillo, New Paintings

• Nick Black, Part Time Ninjas II (Back With a Vengeance)

• Comic Escapades - Comic Book Illustrations from General Jack Cosmo Presents #1
by Mike Beazley, Andrew Froedge, Nate Lovett & Kalman Adrasofsky

• Tom's Animal Kingdom

• New Works, Joe Gott & Jim McKern

• Some of UNCLE FREDDY'S FAVORITES, Group Show - Bill Boyce, Gregg Hertzlieb, Gordon Ligocki & Ishmael Muhammad Nieves.

• Expressions of Faith, photographs by Zbigniew Bzdak

• Name, Rank & Phone Number, Vintage Army Cartoons & Fashion Designs, by Sgt. Jon Merritt

• TasteBuds - Dolan Geiman & Gordon Ligocki


• Billy Pozzo & His Imaginary Friends - Grand Opening of Uncle Freddy's Gallery, Highland, IN

• Ho! Ho! Ho! 20 Artists, Their Images of Santa Claus


• It's All In The Family, Richard & Jennifer Kryczka & Uncle Bob Zablocki- Final Show at Uncle Freddy's Gallery, Hammond, IN

• Life Work: Contemporary Chinese Paintings

• Home Team/Away Team - Uncle Freddy's Gallery. Hammond, IN The Away Team was presented as part of the International Invitational at Art Chicago at Navy Pier, Chicago

• Anthony Stagg (The Emperor of Ephemera)

• Robert Sirko, the Seven Deadly Sins & Friends

• Robert Stanley & Ismael Muhammad Nieves

• 2829, Sue Frame & Martin Garcia

• Getting Along , Tom Torluemke at Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA


• Student/Teacher: William Quast, Tom Torluemke & Bill Pozzo

• Something Fishy: works by Gregg Herztlieb & The Mind's Eye, new works by Richard Flynn

• Nick Black is Back, Doin' It To Death Again & Heavenly Arts by Milton Pagan

• In and Around: Artists Living and Working in Hammond

• Jno Cook, Adelheid Mers & Logan Bay

• The Stray Show - Sponsored by Thomas Blackman & Associates, Chicago, IL

• A Bevy Of Beauties Made By Gordon Ligocki

• Cubicle: Art Takes Over an Oppressive Office Environment - Group exhibition featuring 55 Midwest artists, 5265 Hohman Ave., Hammond, IN - Sponsored By Uncle Freddy's Gallery

• Poetry & Lines: Kamilla Murashkin and Clinton Mason


• The Good Life: Spiritual Visions of Richard H.W. Brauer and William Quast

• Seeing is Believing - Group exhibition and photo project, Premiere Exhibit at Uncle Freddy's Gallery, Hammond, IN (Opened September 13, 2002)

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